Super excited to announce these book covers won Bronze in the student show! 

The Man in the High Castle is an alternate history book by Philip K Dick about what would have happened if the US had lost World War II. I developed three different book cover options for this book.

The first cover is based off the theme of disguise that is present in the book. The paper crane is essentially paper disguised as something else, so I chose this as the symbol for cloaking one’s true self. On the back I showed the transformation from paper into crane.

The second cover is based on the idea of victory and defeat. In the book there are two versions of history, one where America lost WWII and one where America won. I used a lenticular print to illustrate one version of history where America has victory, and one where there is defeat.

The third book cover is based on the concept of fate. Fate plays an important role in the book, and I illustrated this using army men. Since the toys are created in a specific mold do they have choice, or are they fated to always be army men?  On the front side of the book one of the army men is in a different position, trying to change his fate.