This series was made with the help of Lina Petrova’s hair & makeup and Eleni’s modeling. If you want to see some behind the scenes photos check out those out here!

This set of photos is a story about a modern witch wandering into the forest and looking for a spot to set up and practice her witchcraft.

witches_byday-2 witches_byday-1 witches_byday-4 witches_byday-6 witches_byday-9 witches_byday-8 witches_byday-7 witches_byday-10 witches_edit witches_byday-13 witches_byday-14 witches_byday-15 witches_byday-17 witches_byday-16 witches_byday-18 witches_edit-2 witches_edit-3 witches_edit-4 witches_byday-22