I started The Creative Circus back in July in their interactive design program. I didn’t have any formal web/app design training at UGA and it’s something I always have been interested in. Little did I know how big of an adventure this would be. Each week I spent 50…60… 70 hours on homework, and although I gave up nights with friends or really any kind of spare time I am already seeing improvements in myself and my work, so it’s worth it.

I just finished up with my second quarter there, but first let’s take a trip back in time to the work I did in my first quarter. These are just a few of my favorites picked from the many many projects I did.

Creative Thinking

One of the most interesting classes I had was creative thinking. We worked all quarter to completely fill and transform a standard sketchbook, with different prompts every week. I allowed myself to be free in this book, and I really enjoyed that experience.


In this project I started by going to IKEA and finding the entire alphabet in their furniture. After tracing the letters from all the photos, we chose the letter “N” to create an entire alphabet from. This alphabet came to life once I added the color and I put it on a fun imaginary show poster for the performers The Hood Internet.

My other favorite type I project was learning how to do script type. I used my newfound knowledge to proclaim my love for pizza.

Intro to Design

The big big class of the quarter was Intro to Design with the famous Sylvia. She’s famous for giving a LOT of work and being really really hard. (Which is probably still an understatement). In Intro to Design you are given an animal and an ancient tribe and all the projects stem from that. My animal was elephant and my tribe was Seminoles.

The first big project is the cut paper poster which must include a story about your civilization and animal, an area of focus, forces to that area, 55+ different values, and every inch of the poster covered (to name just a few of the requirements). This poster is HUGE and I can’t even count how many hours were poured into it.

The second large project was to create two “gift bags” that could transform into a reuse and an additional product. My small bag transforms into clackers that a child could fill with rice, beans, etc and use to dance around. It also transforms into elephant ears and a trunk to go with it.

My medium sized bag folds out into an elephant float that can be brought to the pool. The inside is flat so a child could use it as a table to hold their toys while in the pool. Parts of the float also come off to be used as diving toys.

The product I created is an elephant grabber. Kids would love to use this to pretend to reach high and low just like an elephant does.


I can’t overstate how much work I put into the four big projects for this class, and I can tell that there were a lot of different lessons jam-packed into just a few projects. Now that my second quarter is over, I can see how what I learned during this first ten weeks has already started to shape me and turn me into a more effective designer.