For a while now I’ve been dealing with a kink in my website that has been keeping me from uploading photos that were very large. This has been QUITE annoying and was keeping me from blogging a few beloved photoshoots because I didn’t want to compromise quality. Thankfully, I’ve finally figured a workaround so I’ll be posting some pretty old shoots here on the blog. I LOVE some of these photos though so I thank it was worth the wait! 🙂

These photos were taken for Maelu Design’s look book for the fall of last year. You can still see them on their website! Be sure to check it our because her garments are absolutely stunning.

001_maelu-lookbook 004_maelu-lookbook 008_maelu-lookbook 016_maelu-lookbook 020_maelu-lookbook 036_maelu-lookbook 040_maelu-lookbook 052_maelu-lookbook 079_maelu-lookbook 087_maelu-lookbook 093_maelu-lookbook 098_maelu-lookbook 104_maelu-lookbook 108_maelu-lookbook 114_maelu-lookbook 141_maelu-lookbook 149_maelu-lookbook 153_maelu-lookbook 155_maelu-lookbook 158_maelu-lookbook 159_maelu-lookbook 167_maelu-lookbook 174_maelu-lookbook 176_maelu-lookbook 178_maelu-lookbook 179_maelu-lookbook