I collaborated with Lina and Eleni on this really rad photoshoot based on the concept of a modern witch. Between the three of us we had enough spooky stuff to really make this shoot come together in a way few shoots for me really have before, so I’m extra excited about it!

witches_gettingready-4 witches_gettingready witches_gettingready-3 witches_gettingready-2



Another thing that really brought this shoot together is Lina’s awesome hair & makeup skills. Eleni’s hair was freshly colored the day before so it was really the perfect time to do this shoot. I also have to give MAJOR props to Eleni for proposing the whole thing to begin with, suggesting the location, and using the bleeding skull as the inspiration for the piece.

witches_gettingready-8 witches_gettingready-7 witches_gettingready-13 witches_gettingready-9

The craziest part of this whole shoot actually happened after we had set up and started shooting. Things were going really well — the sun was setting in the perfect place and was at juuuust the right point to get that perfect sun flair. We were headed down to shoot under a bridge when a police officer stopped us and, with a relieved look on his face, said “oh, you’re ACTUALLY here taking pictures”.

Although we were at the location doing totally legitimate things, it was apparently a hot spot for people doing less than legal activities. The police officer had us follow him back to where we had set up our prop-shrine and at that point police officers started appearing out of the bushes. Eventually there were about ten cops around us questioning us about the shoot and especially about the shrine. (I mean, I can’t blame them.. it would definitely be a weird thing to just stumble upon)

After some more questions and a bag search, they let us finish our photos, which I am eternally grateful about. I got some great pictures before the police came, but the set just wouldn’t be complete without what I took after they left. So thank you police officers, I hope you checked out this blog like I told you to! 😉


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