I took some photos of these lovely ladies at this abandoned art gallery in Woodstock back in July (right before I went back to school!). I’m really glad that I’m finally getting a second to share them with you all! School is the craziest and wildest ride I’ve been on in a while, and with only two weeks left in this quarter I’m hoping to have more time to share what I’ve been up to soon. In the meantime — enjoy these photos!artgallery_01 artgallery_03 artgallery_11 artgallery_16 artgallery_22 artgallery_24 artgallery_28 artgallery_30 artgallery_32 artgallery_35 artgallery_40 artgallery_43 artgallery_46 artgallery_52 artgallery_56 artgallery_64 artgallery_66 artgallery_71 artgallery_74 artgallery_75 artgallery_88 artgallery_90